Diaper & Sanitary Pad Machine Supplier In China

Diaper & Sanitary Pad Machine Supplier In China

Provide Customized Sanitary Pad Machines For 15 Years

Provide Customized Sanitary Pad Machines For 15 Years

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Professional Sanitary Pad Machine Manufacturer in China

Our professional one-stop solution service provides you with kinds of high-speed disposable hygiene manufacturing machines and complete.

  • 24-hour online service support, providing technical support at any time.
  • Professional engineering team to customize machine plan based on client’s requirements
  • We have provided customized sanitary pad machines for 15 years.
  • Complete coverage of disposable hygiene product equipment production
  • Our development is based on Honesty, Pragmatism, Improvement, Innovation, a strict quality control system, and client feedback.

Why Choose SQ Machine?

SQ Machine can supply a full range of hygiene product production lines and design machines based on customers’ requirements.

We provide a variety of hygiene products machinery and raw materials. Our main products are the baby diaper production line, adult diaper production line,  disposable underpad production line sanitary napkin production line, etc. We also provide extra value service of complete Hygiene field Management system and consulting services.
  •  Provide one-station customized service
  • Professional engineer service and local service
  • Professional 24hr before and after-sale service team

SQ Machine - Leading Diaper & Sanitary Pad Machine Supplier In China

Quanzhou Shengquan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, which is
known as the new center of Quanzhou City.

The main products of the company include: women’s sanitary napkins production line series, menstrual pants
production line, adult diaper production line series, adult diapers, pulling pants production line series, pad production line series, nursing pad production line series, medical single, and medical inspection pad production line series.

Our products are widely sold in various parts of the country, Hong Kong and Macao regions, as well as in foreign markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America. Can be requested according to customer requirements.

Provide customers with excellent and high-speed complete production lines, as well as training, guidance, and long-term technical support and services.

Why SQ Machine is TRUSTED brand around the world?
SQ supply full range of hygiene products production lines and design machines based on customers' individual requirements.

diaper machine production capactiy
SQ Machine can manufacture more than sixty models of disposable hygienic products machines, which can meet different demands of clients.
diaper machine design drawing
SQ Machine can provide personalized design and develop reasonable solutions based on our strong R&D team.
diaper making machine CNC processing
SQ Machine has its own CNC workshop.Machine plates, frames, spare parts can be properly processed and most of them are internationally famous brand.
diaper machine operation training
SQ Machine can provide staff training in our factory,clients can dispatch staff to our factory during machine commissioning and we will afford their food and accormadation.
diaper machine's operators
SQ Machine can assist customers to find experienced operators to work in customers’ factory, for the sake that machines’performances can be fully played.
raw materials of diapers and sanitary pads
SQ Machine can supply suitable grades of raw materials for good production of machines.

Who use
our diaper & sanitary pad machines

Diaper & Sanitary Pads Brands Factory

If you currently have diaper & pads production lines but would like to expand production capacity for more market share,  SQ Machine can provide you with the highest capacity and good performance of disposable diapers  & pads machines, etc.

Machine Trading Company

If you are a machine trading company, SQ Machine will 100% support your mid-man business. We also support you to be our agent in your area and SQ Machine gives full support to our global agent.

Expanding Related Heathcare Projects

If you are in a similar business like household chemicals, personal care, etc., SQ Machine can provide turn-key solutions from machine design to installation & training. You just need to prepare one workshop with enough space and power.

Technology &

Relying on science and technology for development and continuously providing users with high-quality products is our constant pursuit. The company takes technology as the core, and the company has a strong design and development team to ensure the high quality, high stability, high interest rate and advanced nature of the equipment. Adhering to the tenet of 'integrity-based, attentive service, mutual benefit and win-win', and constantly pursuing more excellent enterprise quality,

Advance Tecnology
Superior Performance
Quality Control

Video Center

Is a collection of scientific research and development, manufacturing, technical services

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How many sizes can a machine produce?

Baby diaper machines can produce 3-5sizes, sanitary napkin machines can produce1-2 sizes, and underpad machines can produce 4-5sizes.

How long does changing the sizes take during production?

When changing sizes, machines must be stopped. It takes a few hours depending on the experiences of machine operators.

How to gather raw materials?

We can supply raw materials based on clients’ demands and requirements. We have a mature supply chain.

How much space does the machine take?

It depends on the machine’s capacity. Normally the size shall be 36M*10M*5M(L*W*H).

What is installation power and voltage required for a machine?

Normally the voltage is 380VAC,50Hz. 410VAC 60Hz can also be customized. Different capacities need different power, normally
the installation power is 250-600KW.

How many operators does a machine need?

It depends on the machine automation degree. If high speed and full frequency convertor control, one machine needs one experienced operator for one shift.
If full servo control, one machine needs one experienced operator and one or two assistant operators for one shift.

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