Diaper & Sanitary Pad Machine Supplier In China

Diaper & Sanitary Pad Machine Supplier In China

Provide Customized Sanitary Pad Machines For 15 Years

Provide Customized Sanitary Pad Machines For 15 Years

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Professional Sanitary Pad Machine Factory

DNW sanitary pad machine is an automatic machine for producing high-quality sanitary pad. The machine is compact and easy to operate. A Sanitary pad machine is more economical and faster than other traditional equipment. It will not slow down and will not stop when fully automatic feeding, saving labor, high-quality, and cost-effective. These machines are ideal for large-scale and small-scale industries, offering consistent performance levels. The sanitary pad machines are not just automated and efficient but are also very durable regarding their qualities, having a longer work life. The DNW sanitary pad machine has a high production speed and a quality manufacturing process that allows for higher production.

Your Export For Sanitary Pad Machine

  • Compact machine.
  • Can produce multiple sizes of ultra-thin sanitary pads.
  • Work on high speed with high efficiency.
  • Advance high-speed motors.
  • Maximum production capacity.
  • Indicator and pad counter for better process monitoring.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • 10x longer life than traditional model machines.
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One Stop Solution for Sanitary Pad Machine

Full servo quick easy package wing shape sanitary pad machine
Detail 7-Sanitary pad machine

Your Professional Export for Sanitary Pad Machine

DNW, a leading manufacturer of sanitary pad machines, was established in 2000. All of the products we offer are of high quality. To guarantee flawless deliveries at our client’s end, we conduct stringent product inspection processes on every finished product. The range of our products includes low-cost cast models for easy installation to high-end units capable of withstanding both high temperatures and high pressures.

Orignal Sanitary pad machine manufacturer

Your Best Sanitary Pad Machine Manufacturer and Exporter from China

Established in 2000, there is more than 100 staff in DNW. Our production workshop is equipped with the below equipment.

  • an advanced CNC  processing center,
  • CNC high precision numerical control lathe,
  • large rocker drill machine, precision
  • saddle lathe, milling machine,
  • and other processing equipment

and also, there is scientific management of strict supervision and quality control in DNW.

We can help you to revolutionize your business processes and get more done.

sanitary pad machine factory

China Leading Sanitary Pad Machine Manufacturer

DNW can provide you one-stop sanitary pad machine solution based on your customized requirement. We have a complete raw material chain, and spare parts support. You will save more time and cost with our professional guide.

One Stop Sanitary Pad Machine Production Line for Your Project

The need for sanitary napkins is high for women, but sanitary napkin manufacturers worldwide are few and far between. A sanitary napkin production line is a good investment with high returns. Depending on your budget and local economic level, DNW can provide a suitable machine for you throughout the production process.

Cooperation Global Brands

  • coperation brand danfoss -Sanitary pad machine
  • coperation brand Mitsubishi-Sanitary pad machine
  • coperation brand Schneider -Sanitary pad machine
  • coperation brand SIMENS-Sanitary pad machine
  • coperation brand SMC-Sanitary pad machine
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